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Program Model

Our Core Values guide our program model

We support Waukegan students on their college journey by activating our Core Values. Tap the icons to learn more.

Strive for excellence and Dare to dream


Work Together; Everyone has a Role and a Goal


Access, Opportunity, and Inclusivity


Accountability, Self-advocacy, and Action


Family, Partners and Community


Program Model

Our model is simple, yet powerful:

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"Our programs — built on a partnership with scholars & their families — are uniquely designed for first-generation college success."

Laura Rios, Program Director

Programming Year-Round

Your Path to College Is Paved with Resources

No matter where a student starts on the journey to and through college, we have the resources to make the process easy, efficient and effective. We are a powerful resource, right here in the community.

For Students and Families

At Waukegan to College, we're dedicated to empowering students and families on their educational journey. Our comprehensive year-round programming is designed to provide tailored support, resources, and guidance every step of the way. From academic advising and tutoring to college preparation and career exploration, we're committed to ensuring that every student has the tools and opportunities they need to thrive. Join us as we work together to unlock potential, inspire whole-family success, and transform lives.

Discover Our Year-Round Programming

Academic Support

From family-based academic advising to tutoring and mentoring, we provide personalized guidance to help students excel in their studies.

College Readiness

We offer workshops, test prep, and personalized counseling to prepare students for the college application process and beyond.

Enrichment Opportunities

Through field trips and cultural events, we expand horizons and inspire a love of learning outside the classroom.

Community Engagement

Our family workshops and support services foster a strong sense of community and provide resources to address various challenges.

College Persistence

We continue to support students through college, offering guidance, resources, and mentorship to ensure their success.

Join Us in Empowering Dreams

Together, we're shaping futures and transforming communities. Learn how you can make a difference and support our mission today.

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