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Why Waukegan to College (W2C)?

We believe that all students who have big dreams for their future and are willing to work hard should have a shot at college. We help families who are committed to creating brighter futures for their children by providing them with a unique variety of resources to help their children get on and stay on the path to college. Since our founding in 2009, we have grown sixfold!

What do we offer?

Weekly Tutoring

Volunteer tutors assist our students by developing study habits. Consistently working with the same tutor helps our students make learning fun.

Monthly Family Meetings

A student and their parent/guardian meet on a monthly basis with a trained adviser discussing academic performance, volunteer opportunities with a focus of personal development.

Monthly Workshops

Once a month we deliver a workshop to our students and parents, which includes field trips, college visits, financial literacy, personal development, team building , community service and preparing for college!

Math Enrichment

Math enrichment tools are used to identify gaps that students may have in certain areas/concepts. The student meets weekly to work on the gaps to improve their overall understanding, which leads to noted academic improvement and confidence for more challenging courses in their future academic career.

Mentors & Coaches

We want our students to be successful and a great way to achieve that is to have a mentor who can provide insight and advice to situations they may have gone through in a past time. Our Juniors/Seniors are paired with mentors/coaches. They meet weekly or monthly to build a relationship and provide guidance to the student’s success.

College Prep Tools

Scholarship application resources and assistance, SAT /ACT Prep, FAFSA assistance, financial aid review, personal finance budgeting, and scholarships to name a few. Applying for college is not an easy task and we understand what it takes to get the job done right.

Reading Enrichment

Reading enrichment tools are used to identify gaps that students may have in certain areas/concepts. The student meets weekly with a reading buddy to work on reading books out loud that the student personally finds interesting, which leads to the student developing a passion for reading.

College Visits & Field Trips

Throughout the year we schedule college visits for students to see first hand what the college life is all about. We also plan field trips for our students to visit industry leading corporations or educational institutions to make our students well rounded individuals.

Cultural Appreciation

Families in our program come from several different cultural backgrounds. During the holiday season we like to host different cultural events to show appreciation and learn about other cultures.

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